Acupuncture can help with chronic Knee pain

A couple of days ago, after I treated a patient with knee pain, her anterior tilted pelvic was also been fixed as a “side effect”. Because I didn’t work on the muscles around the pelvic such as the hip flexors and gluteal muscles, and I didn’t push or pull the pelvic bones also. What I did was when I treated the knee pain condition, I worked on the quadriceps and hamstrings and matched the knee joint bone position properly.

This case tells us the truth: many posture conditions are not caused by tight or weak muscles. Try to fix the bad posture by loosing the tight muscle or strengthening the weak muscle is useless. We all know that bad posture cause chronic pain. So by working on the tight muscles to treat chronic pain is also not a good approach.

Our body change the posture to balance pressure we received to the whole body or to avoid to put more pressure on some pain spot of the body. Like this knee pain case, her anterior pelvic tilt was not caused by short hip flexors or weak gluteal muscles. It was just because she has knee pain, her body changed the posture to feel better.

Of cause, not only knee pain would cause this, low back pain causes pelvic anterior tilt also. In this case, if just by treating the tight muscle to correct the pelvic tilt, the low back pain would not be fixed, sometimes it might get even worse.

The right way to assess the pelvic tilt condition is to check other parts of the body first to see if there was any injury before, any knee joint pain, ankle joint pain or misalignment and hypomobility. Then you can find the real reason of the bad posture. By treating the real cause, fix the chronic pain condition and bad posture is expected.